About Us

Why the name "Five Volt Logic"?

We are a mother-daughter team: daughter is an electrical engineer, and mother has been making jewelry for the past 15 years or so. Way back in 2015, we got a huge bag of discarded printed circuit boards. We had a crazy idea: what if we turned these into jewelry?

A lot of electronic devices use 5-volt digital signals to communicate with each other. This is known as 5-volt logic. Hence, the name Five Volt Logic comes from the type of logic those little devices might have used had they not been turned into earrings!


The shop didn't take off. We put a bunch of these earrings up on Etsy, and a grand total of one pair sold. However, we had fun making them and they got us interested in making unconventional jewelry. We let our listings expire, and figured that at least we tried!

What next?

Fast forward 6 years, to 2021. This is the year we decided to give our shop a second shot, after a Facebook group went wild when we posted a pair of thermometer earrings we made. We still love the name Five Volt Logic, and we feel like it captures our unconventional materials and approach to jewelry.

Every time we get an order, a message with an interesting idea, or a kind comment, we're glad that we tried again. Thank you for giving our little shop a second chance at success!

  • Annette

    Designer, maker, and photographer of most of the unique jewelry sold at Five Volt Logic. Katie's mom.

  • Katie

    Social media, website, and marketing/SEO for Five Volt Logic. Model for most of the jewelry in the shop. Weird earring enthusiast. Annette's daughter.

  • Mr. Bilbo Socks

    Cat. Inspects jewelry and photography setup. Loves to "help".