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D20 Raven Queen Character Earrings - DND Dice Earrings with Raven

D20 Raven Queen Character Earrings - DND Dice Earrings with Raven

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These awesome and beautiful earrings were created for worshippers of the Raven Queen, or anyone in your RPG group who wants to invoke an air of sorrow and mystery. Foggy dice dangle from a silver ear wire. Below them hang large stainless steel raven charms. These would be a perfect accessory for someone playing a member of the shadar-kai or a cleric that worships the Raven Queen. A great gift for players of D&D, Pathfinder, and other tabletop RPGs -- or for anyone who wants to geek out with a fun and mysterious accessory.

The raven herself is just under an inch tall and about 2 1/2 inches wide, and the earrings hang about 3 inches overall. Warning: these are large and heavy. They weigh about 2/3 of an ounce each (20 grams), so they are not for everyone. That said, the raven is super detailed, 3-D, and really high quality. The dice themselves are a mystery color. If you look straight through with the light behind them, they appear translucent gray. When the light hits the surface, though, you see a shifting pattern of purples and blues.

The Raven Queen is a deity whose physical form was destroyed when an ancient spell backfired. She is made up of stolen memories and darkness, a manifestation of entropy, decay, and sorrowful longing for the past. She rules the Shadowfell, a shadowy reflection of the Material Plane. She focuses on collecting memories and strong emotions, typically associated with loss and tragedy. She dispatches her followers, shadow fae known as the shadar-kai, to collect mementos including trinkets, memories from the living, and the souls of the dead, to be stored in her Fortress of Memories.

I make TTRPG-Inspired jewelry from standard-size dice sets, drilling holes, inserting screw eyes, and adding earring findings and charms. All metals used are lead free and nickel free.

Be the envy of your gaming group with these unusual earrings.


earring findings, polyhedral dice, and steel charm


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